Welcome to “one day, one step at a time blog”

I decided to create this blog to help others, whether it’s themselves suffering from a TBI or their family members. There just isn’t enough support surrounding brain injuries nor is there enough knowledge for others to understand the effects of a brain injury.

September 19th 2015, my life changed forever as I knew it. I suffered a traumatic brain injury, I fell down a flight of stairs which caused a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain. It’s changed me completely as a person and how I now saw life. I believe everything happens for a reason and this was my second chance and now, I was going to live it to the full. But that statement wasn’t as easy as I once thought. People’s expectations and their thoughts affected me massively. Whether it was my own family, friends or even strangers. But for some reason people on the outside looking in, thought it was acceptable to expect a lot from me. I was doing all I could at that moment in time.

I wish leaving hospital I had someone to guide me and explain how hard “normality” is or was. It’s been a year now and only now am I learning and understanding who I am. Acceptance is the hardest part of my recovery and understanding exactly what has happened to me. With the burning question, will i ever be the same again? I want to show people like myself or even others that have similar challenges within their families. That all we need is love and support. I will become a better version of myself, it just takes time to allow myself to relearn everything and understand what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s basically reorganising a filing cabinet and putting everything back into order again.

This blog is going to show you my daily struggles but also show you my achievement’s I make along the way. The way I see my life now is daily, I can’t look that far ahead and there are times where I take two steps forward and ten back  but It’s all about goal settings and reaching those milestones because In the end I am rebuilding myself. You don’t realise how strong you are until strength is all you have left.


lots of love